Have you ever visited a website and were curious about what they were running on it, such as the platform, analytics, or add-ons? Have you ever wondered how many other people are using the same website components as you do? Do you want a quick SEO profile of the site as well? If so, then you need to visit BuiltWith.com.

Learn What Technology Any Website Uses

Technology Profile

There are three ways to find out technology a particular website is using. First off, you can visit the BuiltWith.com homepage and enter the domain name in the search box. Next, you can just enter http://builtwith.com/domain.com into your browser and change domain.com to the domain of the site you wish to view. Or you can download the Chrome Extension and click on the extension to see a popup with the website’s technology profile.

On the website’s profile page, you will find the following information (when applicable).

  • Server Information – This doesn’t tell you where a site is hosted, but tells you the type of web server the site is hosted on.
  • Content Management Systems – This will tell you if the website is using WordPress, Joomla, or a similar CMS.
  • Ecommerce – This will tell you if the website is using an Ecommerce system like E-junkie or other shopping cart software.
  • Frameworks – This will tell you the programming framework of the website. For WordPress, it will commonly be PHP.
  • Advertising – This will tell you what advertising systems are being used on a website such as Google AdSense and some affiliate networks.
  • Analytics and Tracking – This will tell you if a site uses Google Analytics, StatCoutner, or similar analytics system. Aweber’s mailing list code sometimes pops up into this area too.
  • JavaScript Libraries – This will tell you about the different JavaScript coding libraries called in the website’s coding.
  • Audio / Video – This will tell you about any technology such as Vimeo, YouTube, or other media found on the website.
  • Widgets – This will tell you about different widgets and add-ons a website is using, including social sharing buttons. It will pull information about some WordPress plugins, but most will just be lumped under WordPress Plugins.
  • Aggregation Functionality – This will tell you about the RSS and pingback functionality of a site, including whether it uses Feedburner.
  • Document Information & Encoding – This will tell you more about the website’s coding, like if it uses HTML, CSS, etc.

View Trends About Website Technology

While you are viewing a website’s technology profile you can click on the link for any technology listed to see more data about its usage. Alternatively, you can visit theTechnology Trends page and see the top technology used across the Internet. For example, if you clicked on WordPress, you would see the following.

Trending Usage

WordPress Usage Trends

This chart shows you if a particular piece of technology is increasing or decreasing in popularity. In this case, usage of WordPress is definitely increasing.


Technology Industry Usage

Find out what industries use a particular piece of technology the most. This pie chart shows that, aside from the Other category, WordPress seems to be used equally amongst different niches.

Similar Coverage

See what website technology is similar to the application you are viewing. In this case, the next most popular technology similar to WordPress is Joomla.

Top Sites

Top Sites Using WordPress

Want to see the biggest sites using a particular piece of technology? Click on the Top Sites list on the application page.

Get a Glimpse of a Website’s Search Engine Optimization

SEO Profile

If you want to check out a website’s SEO information, click on the SEO Profile tab. This will give you a little analysis of basic SEO elements such as your title tag, meta description, H1 heading tag, common keywords (as shown in the pie chart above), image ALT tags, website speed, and social bookmarking stats on Facebook & Delicious. It also gives you an overall score plus a score of where your website ranks compared to others. Apparently 57% is a good score if 97% of other websites score below that!