Ultimately, it’s the rate of conversion that matters. Businesses use a wide range of social platforms to generate leads. There’s little doubt that popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn do a great job in terms of engaging the target audience and guide them towards different goals of conversion. But do you know that LinkedIn far outranks Facebook and Twitter when it comes to generating leads for business?

Yes, LinkedIn is more powerful than Facebook or Twitter. In a recent study conducted by HubSpot, it came to light that LinkedIn has a much higher rate of conversion (2.74%) as compared to other popular social networks (Twitter – 0.69% and Facebook – 0.77%).

Let’s have a quick look at LinkedIn’s demographics and statistics –

LinkedIn has around 150 million members.
Males (57.9%) dominate this social media website.
The standard user of this social platform falls into 25-54 age group.
North America and Europe represent the highest number of users (96.6 million).
More than 44% of all users work in companies having 1000+ employee strength.
Around 39% of all users are managers, directors, owners, CEOs or VPs.

These figures clearly indicate the potential that LinkedIn brings for businesses of all types and sizes. The traffic that companies drive to their websites via LinkedIn has also proved to be highly converting.

There are many firms that are still unaware of LinkedIn’s actual potential for generating leads. Many of them think that Facebook and Twitter are better while there are others who don’t possess enough expertise to use LinkedIn as a lead generation tool. LinkedIn doesn’t only offer a higher business potential for B2B companies, but it also works well for B2C firms.

LinkedIn is Better Because …
Why do people join or visit LinkedIn (as compared to other social media channels)? People don’t join this platform for making their ‘social’ lives better. In fact, they join to make simplify their professional lives. LinkedIn users have a different kind of mindset. Businesses join this platform to connect with industry experts, tech geeks, talented professionals and other businesses. Professionals, on the other hand, use LinkedIn to showcase their talents and skill sets to companies (relating to their niche).

LinkedIn is never meant for ‘family fun’. Facebook fulfills both social and business purposes. But LinkedIn is purely meant for doing business. When people visit LinkedIn, they’re already in a business-focused mindset. They come here either to find right kind of talents or showcase their work expertise. That’s why B2B companies can quickly find a higher concentration of their target audience on this social media platform. Since LinkedIn is not used for social chit-chat, it’s also devoid of unnecessary clutter. You can easily find industry-related content on this platform. At the same time, you’re most likely to attract people’s attention towards your business-focused content.

If You Want to Generate Leads
LinkedIn can help you generate a higher number of leads for your business only when you know how to use this tool.

Here’re some quick tips you can use –

Join industry-relevant groups.
Showcase your industry expertise via LinkedIn Answers.
Collect LinkedIn recommendations from your past clients or customers.
Use various LinkedIn applications to enrich your business presence.
Opt for the LinkedIn advertising program.
Use the LinkedIn mobile app while on the go.

Is your company generating leads via LinkedIn? Please feel free to talk back in comments and share your opinions.