Whether your site falls outside of Google’s AdSense program or you’re simply not happy with your current payouts and are looking for an alternative, T3Ads wants to help you maximize the value of your traffic.

What is T3Ads?

Although T3Ads is a new concept, the team behind it has a lot of experience. The platform was developed by T3Leads, which is a company based in Encino, CA. Since 2006, they have provided affiliates and merchants with the tools they need to maximize the value of their marketing efforts. T3Leads’ areas of expertise include US and UK payday loans, debt settlement, home loans, auto finance, home insurance, debt relief and home improvement. They’ve built an especially strong reputation around their payday affiliate program.

Because T3Leads has been working with affiliates for over half a decade, they have seen just how difficult it can be for publishers in many verticals to properly monetize their sites. As the company grew to over 20,000 active affiliates, they had the opportunity to talk to more and more publishers. During these discussions, they noticed that the same issues came up time and time again. Common complaints included lack of human support, unclear policies, low payouts and constant fear of accidentally doing something wrong that would immediately result in a permanent ban.

After continuing to hear these complaints and realizing that Google was in no hurry to change their AdSense policies, T3Leads decided to tackle the problem on their own.

5 Reasons to Use T3Ads

Because the entire platform was built around feedback they received from actual online publishers, T3Ads has several key features that set it apart from other advertising program. Whether you have a single blog or a network of websites, here are five reasons to test out T3Ads:

  • 24 hour live support means that if you ever have a question, instead of waiting for days to receive an answer (or never getting one at all), you’ll have an answer within minutes.
  • Instead of constant fluctuations, you’ll receive transparent information that explains exactly how your payouts are calculated.
  • The easy to use platform makes it dead simple to create ad units and place them on your site.
  • T3Ads is far more open with the types of sites they accept, as well as sources of traffic.
  • Publishers get full control over how they monetize their site thanks to the ability to easily customize ads.

If you like what you’ve read about T3Leads and their new advertising program, all you’ll need to do is visit their site and complete their simple signup process. And since the company truly cares about taking care of its customers, if you have any questions when you visit the site, all you’ll need to do is grab your phone and call the number in the upper right corner of the site.