I wanted to tell the SEM Group blog readers about a free marketing training course that I am launching today that offers beginner and advanced Internet Marketers the most up-to-date tips and tactics to assist you with your marketing strategy.  This course was designed to cover all of the different ways that you can drive traffic, build brand awareness and generate revenue via the web.

Each week you will receive a new module of the course that focuses on one area of Internet Marketing.  Within each module, I cover the fundamentals, concepts and tools you can use to help with each particular area of the course.  Normally a course like this sells for $100s of dollars, but I want to give this to you guys for free!

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What’s Included in the Course

  • Week 1 – Strategy: Understanding Your Goals and Setting Expectations
  • Week 2 – Market Research & Analysis: Know Your Target Market Before Spending Marketing Dollars
  • Week 3 – Paid Search: Using Pay-Per-Click Strategies to Drive Relevant Traffic that Converts
  • Week 4 – Search Engine Optimization: How to Gain Free Exposure and Traffic Through SEO
  • Week 5 – Content Creation: Creating Compelling, Valuable, and Viral Content
  • Week 6 – Link Building: How to Find Quality Link Building Opportunities
  • Week 7 – Local Search: Capturing Localized Traffic to Your Website
  • Week 8 – Social Media: Build Your Brand, Drive Traffic and Form Relationships Using Social Media
  • Week 9 – Making Money: How to Monetize for Your Website or Blog
  • Week 10 – Website Analytics/Testing: Understanding Your Audience and Increase Conversions Using Web Analytics
  • Bonus – Tools of the Trade: The Internet Marketers Toolbox

On top of this awesome FREE course, I have a few added bonuses to give away.   So make sure you sign-up and get access to all of this great content!  I am looking forward to having you guys sign-up and get your feedback on the course.

==> Free Course Sign-Up