Arguably, the most popular type of social media web sites are social voting sites. The reason that social voting sites can be more addictive than crack and more alluring than the song of a siren is because they can send a huge surge in traffic if a piece of your content gets popular.

As many of our regular readers know, I have taken time to explore most of the major social voting sites. While they are all alluring, I have discovered that they have their distinct advantages and disadvantages, as well as their own unique social culture. So, without further ado, let’s review six of the most popular social voting sites: Digg seems to be one the most popular and well-known of the social voting sites. My personal views of Digg are that they can be excessively picky about the source of the content, and it definitely takes a significant investment of time and commitment to succeed on this platform. However, I still think Digg is a lot of fun, as well as a great platform for networking. I know that I have personally made many great friends from Digg!

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Reddit: Personally, I like Reddit a lot. Not only does it seem much easier to hit the Reddit homepage (although most of the content that hits the homepage is actually quite interesting) than the Digg homepage, but it can also send just as much (if not more) traffic. In addition to having a huge selection of categories to choose from, Reddit also has a lot of comment participation. The only strange thing about Reddit is the moderators (who are also users) randomly delete other user submissions. Although there seems to be an active comment troll community there, Reddit is still one of my favorites!

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StumbleUpon: This is definitely my favorite social voting platform. To begin with, the community seems to be a bit more warm and friendly (not as many trolls). Additionally, because StumbleUpon is designed to send you content from your areas of interests, you are always looking at content that appeals directly to you (and not just what others have voted up). As an added bonus, while sites like Digg and Reddit send a huge surge of traffic and then it all disappears, StumbleUpon can send residual traffic that carries on long after the initial popularity factor has worn off.

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Mixx: Because I have been hearing a lot about Mixx lately, I signed up and now have a Mixx account. However, the interface is somewhat confusing to me, so I’m not really sure about the best way to use this platform. Hopefully, some of you who are reading this post can shed some light on the best way to use Mixx in the comments section.

Sphinn: This one is a bit different from the other social voting sites listed here because it is an SEO/Social Media niche voting site. I like Sphinn , because it has content that is directly relevant to my areas of interest and it is relatively simple to get on the homepage. Additionally, most of the Sphinn community knows one another. The main disadvantage is that a piece of content which hits the Sphinn homepage will never send 10,000 visitors. However, because of the content relevance to my interests and the community, I will always enjoy and use Sphinn.

Propeller: This is AOL’s version of a social media voting site. While I have personally not yet used this one, it is on my list of social voting sites to check out (due to hearing about it on a regular basis). Once again, I’m hoping that some of our readers can shed some light on the advantages and disadvantages of Propeller in the comments.

OK, now that I have given my quick rundown on these sites, I asked nine of my friends who are active, well-known members of various social voting sites the following question:

Of the 6 social voting sites discussed here, which is your favorite and why?

Jeff Flowers @bukowsky says:

While I contribute to many different sites, my favorite site is StumbleUpon, hands down. The community is better as a whole, with very little hostility and flaming. You have more categories to browse and submit stuff too. Plus, the content is generally better, just because the best tends to stick around longer, giving you ample time to find it. The only real downside that I find in Stumble, is that you can’t get any real news, which is one of the main reasons I love digg and reddit… and at this point, the only reason I stick around.”

Jason Lankow @jaybol says:

I like Digg because I have the Digg Alerter program by Moojj at Adamant Solutions and every time a front page goes off it makes the most beautiful sound in the world, which programs my brain to submit again in hopes of hearing the sound again

Ann Smarty @seosmarty says:

My favorite is Sphinn because I know most people and I feel at home there. I used to love SU a lot but after I was banned there (I don’t say unfairly because I assume there was also my fault), I don’t like it as much as I used to. Digg (and sometimes Reddit) are too rude for me (too many trolls), Mixx is too quiet (or I just can’t figure it out), so Sphinn is what is left, though it is a niche community unlike the rest 5 – but it’s the closest to my heart.”

Victor Barrera @overmind12812 says:

As much as I participate on Digg and enjoy it, I really do have a soft spot for Reddit. I’d have to say Reddit is my favorite social news site if I had to choose just one to participate in. I really enjoy using Reddit because it puts more emphasis on the content, less ads, and usually provides better discussions that are actually relevant to the article at hand.”

Irfan Polani @irfanmp says:

Although Digg is the social news site I visit most frequently, I would have to say my favorite site is Reddit. Reddit is probably my favorite social news site to use, because whereas the novelty of the story ends at the content for most sites, the Reddit community takes it a step further and engages in rather riveting discussions. The comments tend to become more entertaining than the content itself.”

Gerri L Elder @absolutelytrue

Digg- It’s the thrill of the chase. Finding exciting content and watching it climb until it pops to the front page is really satisfying. And the ones that don’t make it just make the roller coaster ride more fun.”

Miguel Lopez @mklopez says:

My favorite site, hands down, is Digg. Is the first one I learned to use(as a submitter) and after a few years of use I have made a lot of connections (and real friends) there. Mixx and Propeller have come close to lure me in, but Digg feels like a nice, comfy pair of old jeans.”

Reg Saddler @zaibatsu says:

Mixx, is one of my favorite social voting sites because of the community. The people are incredibly approachable and giving. In addition Mixx .com responds to users requests for site changes. It’s truly incredible, and they keep on pumping out the updates month after month. Unlike sites like which make their users wait up to a year for new features, Mixx can toss out a dozen in a month. ”

JD Rucker @0boy says:

Digg is the most fun to master. Reddit is a great filter for quality. Stumble gives me new stuff I’d never see otherwise. Mixx and Propeller have good communities but not the best content. Sphinn is my roadmap for marketing. In short, I hate them all, but love them all at the same time.”

Now that you read opinions and insight from some very prominent social media personas, please cast your vote in the reader poll, as well as providing your personal opinions and insights in the comments section below!

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