Do you want to keep up with the latest news for your favorite Facebook fan pages, but don’t want to miss out on them because EdgeRank is hiding them from your new feed? Or would you prefer to not have to go to Facebook at all until your favorite pages have updates?

One of the Google Chrome extensions I use, RSS Subscription Extension, puts an RSS icon in the browser’s address bar when there is an RSS feed discovered on a page. On Facebook pages that haven’t been converted to the new Timeline design, that icon comes up so you can subscribe to your favorite page’s RSS feed.

For pages with the new design enabled, however, the RSS feed has gone missing.

Fortunately, the feed is still available though. You just need a little workaround. To get any page’s RSS feed, first you will need to grab the page’s ID number. For pages that do not have a customized username (, the ID number will be at the end of the URL. For those pages that have a customized username, the quickest way to grab the ID is through the Open Graph. Simply take the page’s username and add it to the following URL.

For example, my Facebook page URL is Hence, the Open Graph URL would be This will show you the following.

Highlighted in the above is my page’s ID number, 255576081168962. To create the RSS feed, take the page ID number and insert it in the following.

Take this URL and paste it into your preferred RSS reader. Mine is Google Reader, so I would paste it in to the Subscribe field.

Now, you can see your favorite page’s updates all in your RSS reader.

With Google Reader, you can even gain some insight into how many times a page posts per week on average.

I’m not sure how accurate that really is, but you might find it insightful sometimes. My page shows an average of six posts a week when lately I have only done one to two per week. Mashable’s page, on the other hand, shows an average of 120 post per week and 23 subscriber’s to their page’s RSS feed.

Do you use RSS feeds to follow Facebook pages?