During the most recent updates to Facebook, users were presented with Interest Lists as a way to help better organize the content they digest from Facebook connections. Users are encouraged to organize their interest lists and customize them according to the topics that they enjoy seeing status updates about. If you’re active on Facebook, then you know what a fire hose of information it can be. Interest lists help you to lessen the fire hose affect and allow you to better organize your interests in a way for easy digesting.

The new add interests button is located on the left navigation bar. Clicking the button will take you to a list of hundreds of existing interest lists that you can subscribe to. Additionally, you can add your own and others can subscribe as well. The concept is very similar to Twitter lists, where you don’t need to follow or “like” a page in order to add it to a list. Lists are completely customizable including the name of the list.

As marketers we can utilize this new tool in our arsenal in many ways to attract new subscribers. Brands can receive much more exposure with interest lists. Here are 4 key ways your brand can start using Facebook interest lists to market to new customers.

Unique Content

Does your brand provide sought out information on the internet on a very niche topic? If you strike while the iron is hot and while interest lists are still new, you can take advantage and start gaining exposure now. Topics and content that are unique will do well with interest lists, so start thinking about ways you can attract users who are interested in your industry with unique content.

Focus Locallly

Use Facebook lists to attract a local following. Create local lists organized by theme that you think will receive some traction. Your brand will receive much more exposure if you’re on the list not to mention the fact that you created it. Start thinking about ways to incorporate a local component into at least a few interest lists. Add a list of local green businesses, things to do in your area, influential people to follow, internet rockstars in your area, anything that will help you organize local content in a way that is appealing to subscribers.

Promote Your List

Look to promote your interest list in several ways. Invite friends and fans to subscribe. Promote it as a status message  not just on Facebook but try cross promoting it as well. Help users gain awareness about your list by driving traffic to your list and telling others about it. Encourage users to share the list and ask for users suggestions on additions. If your list becomes very popular, you may ask for suggestions to make additions to the list consistently over time. Think about all the ways you can promote your Facebook interest list and start incorporating it into your marketing initiatives.

Create Exclusive Lists

Use an exclusive interest list to capture your fans attention. Create a super cool, interesting and unique interest list and market it to your fans. Make it private so users can only be invited. Provide information that is for fans only in your private interest list to encourage subscriptions. Promote this exclusive list to capture the attention of new users as well.

Using Facebook interest lists to market your brand is just another tool in your arsenal. Use the above tips to help you utilize Facebook interest lists for your brand today. While adoption of new changes on Facebook can be slow, interest lists are one to pay attention to and take advantage of while they’re still new.

Have you started using Facebook interest lists? What potential do you see here for marketing your brand?