Have you checked out your Facebook page yet? That’s right – today is the day that Facebook changes pages over to the new Timeline design. There’s no reason to panic – here’s the basics of what you need to do right now to make sure your page looks great for your visitors!

Add a Cover Photo

Your page’s cover photo will make the biggest impression on your Facebook page’s new design, so make it count. Unfortunately, you can’t turn it into an advertisement or include any information (like your website) that should be in your profile’s About section (see other rules about the cover photo for your page here). But you can make it a great representation of your brand or blog! Get some inspiration with these online marketing brands’ cover photos.

Update Your Page’s About Information

The information that was displayed under your page’s profile in the old design will be displayed right below your cover photo. See the difference between the old design…

and the new design.

Be sure it sums up your page well and includes a link back to your website for more clicks!

Customize Your Tabs

Your new Facebook page design has room for 12 tabs. Two of them will be set to your page’s number of likes and photos as default, and the photos cannot be moved from the first spot. When you click the down arrow, you will see all of your current apps and custom tabs.

To rearrange them, hover over one and click the pencil icon. Then you can swap its position with another tab.

You can also click on the Edit Settings option to change the tab’s image and text beneath it. The suggested size for a tab image is 111×74, but if you go bigger, it will ensure that the image is scaled down and fits across the entire area.

Since only four tabs are shown by default until someone clicks on the down arrow, organize them wisely to include the most important ones first!

Scroll Through Your Updates

Last, but not least, you will want to scroll through your page’s recent activity to make sure it looks as full as possible. If you used third party apps to update your page, you might need to break up the updates.

To do so, hover over them, click on the pencil icon, and select View Individual Stories. Then tell them to be Highlighted on Page.

Then go back to your page and click on the star to remove the highlighting feature. Now your updates will be separate but not highlighted.

If you didn’t update your page in a long time, then post some updates and change the date by hovering over them, clicking the pencil icon, and selecting Change Date. This way you can fill up your Timeline with updates so it doesn’t look so empty.

These are the absolute basics that you should do to get your Facebook page in top shape for the new design! What other things have you done to fix things up?