Digg URL Ban

I have noticed over the past couple of months as I have become more active in the Digg community (and making many friends), a sort of dark cloud appears when the subject of SEO comes up. Not only is there a general dislike of SEOs in the Digg community, but my URL has also been banned from Digg, per a ‘so called’ “TOS violation”. The ironic part is that the article that got the attention “10 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Banned by Digg” was about how to get banned by Digg.

I have been warned in the past by many friendly Diggers that it is not a good idea to have anything that reflects SEO in your profile, or this could make you lose points within the Digg community as a whole.

So here is where it starts to get interesting. A high profile user. mklopez submitted an article from this blog a couple of weeks ago. Now, I have to say I was a bit surprised (and a bit flattered at the same time) that a high profile Digger had submitted one of the articles from my blog. This naturally caught my attention. So I was paying attention to the submission at this point. It was climbing fast and hot in all categories.

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Digg Submission
To make a long story short, it was buried at 256 diggs shortly after a user by the handle IHaveIssues had made this comment:

Hmmm…SEO marketing site? Seems like a Digg bait article.

Apparently, “IHAVEIssues” had an issue. Now, in addition to the article being buried, a few days later my URL is actually banned from being submitted to Digg.com. It is not entirely clear if this action was taken by the Digg ‘powers that be’ due to the content about Digg itself in the article, or if it is because the article was simply on an SEO site and this is viewed as a “TOS violation”. Digg still does not return emails on the subject. Only the generic TOS message when you try to Digg any URL from this site.

This URL has been reported by users to be in violation of Digg’s Terms of Use and cannot be submitted at this time. Please refer to our Terms of Use (digg.com/tou) for more information.

The best possible answer I have come up with (using feedback from other Diggers) is that since the article was on an SEO site, it is considered self promotional in nature. Although there is no sales copy on my blog, if you spend some time wandering around the site you would eventually find SEO/SEM services offered.

So I can ultimately understand this point of view, and it does actually make some sense. However, this being the case, it is pretty obvious why Digg.com might not be the best investment of time for SEOs in general. I would like to be able to occasionally share my “quality content” within the social communities that I invest my time in, and there are plenty of great platforms that do allow this kind of sharing. I’m not turning my back on Digg completely; however, you can bet that you will see the majority of my social efforts spent elsewhere for the time being.

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