As a search marketer I have long been looking for an ideal link building model: where everyone’s happy, Google can ban you for selling or buying your link authority, quality wins over quantity and there’s no room for manipulation (note: as a marketer I am well aware of the fact that there’s nothing perfect under the sun. But I wanted something at least better than what we have now).

Currently, the most popular (and the easiest) link building method is still paying for a link (paid reviews, paid editorials, sponsorships, etc). Still, two main reasons why I try to avoid link buying includes:

  • Paid links are almost impossible to camouflage: a website selling links has obviously sold quite a few of them, so it is very likely to be flagged for selling links. By buying several links here and there, you are much likely creating a pattern and Google most probably already knows you are doing that (so this is either non-effective or even dangerous);
  • The affect from paid link campaigns is somewhat lopsided: you are only paying money for possible ranking increase. A paid link is unlikely to promote your brand or generate you some good, targeted traffic.

Two important conclusions to make from the above is:

  • A better link building strategy should be free for everyone;
  • Everyone should get something. Only in this win-win situation, a free model is possible.

MyBlogGuestIn an effort to realize this ideal place for promoting your website and brand, I have created MyBlogGuest community where bloggers, content creators, link builders, and entrepreneurs can meet to help each other achieve their goals. MyBlogGuest is the free tool (currently in beta) for web publishers to exchange guest posts and build (targeted!) connections.

A guest post is a piece of quality content the author and the blogger arrange to publish on the blogger’s site for free. The guest post belongs to the author and is attributed to him. It is up to the author which sites to link to within the post and it is up to the blog owner to accept/reject the contribution.

Ideally, here are some points that hopefully will make the place perfect for everyone:

  • No money: No one is required or expected to pay for anything (Google should be happy);
  • Win-win: Both the author and the blog owner are interested that the post gets maximum exposure: the blogger gets traffic (as well subscribers, links, etc), the guest blogger gets recognition (and also traffic, link authority, etc);
  • Relevancy: Guest bloggers may get as flexible as they need: they can provide content in their niche (to get relevant links and traffic) or in neighboring niches (to expand their reach and experiment).
  • Quality wins as both the guest blogger and the blog owner wants to make the most of it: the blog owner wants only quality content, the guest bloggers wants to be known by quality.

So what do you think? Might this work?

If you support the idea, please join the community as I need more beta testers to make sure the feature set is ready for the public release.

This is a guest post by Ann Smarty, a search geek and social media enthusiast. Ann is an SEO Consultant and a blogger. She currently works for Search and Social as Director of Media.

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