Last week I posted about all the annoying things people do that make me wish I had never accepted their friend request in the first place. Of course, I’d be a hypocrite to say that I have the social media thing down perfectly. In fact, if I’m truthful with myself and to all you guys—well I pretty much suck in respect to social networks.

Don’t believe me? Here, let me point the spotlight back on myself and uncover all the annoying things I do.

I Talk Too Much about My Kids

Before I had my own, I despised when friends would fill my feed with updates on their kids. Why? Because let’s be honest here—no one cares about your kids other than yourself. Yet here I am with back to back posts about my daughter and our experience with her toddler bed. Me<–hypocrite.

I Get Pissed off about Sports

Okay, so lots of people like football (and sports in general). And perhaps you follow certain people on Twitter to get updates. For example, I follow @houstontexans to get score reports in case I can’t see the games. But let’s be honest, no one wants their Facebook newsfeed clogged with some drunken buffoon (me) bitching about his team for 3 hours straight. Take a look:

I Post Inside Jokes to Get on the Radio

Why are they called “inside jokes?” Because outside of the people you are speaking directly to, no one gets what the hell is going on. Not exactly a great way to make friends (“secrets don’t make friends”). Well, I listen to a local station here in Houston, 1560 the Game, and I constantly tweet the show in an effort to have mine read on air. Lame, I know. So everyone outside of the hosts I’m tweeting to have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m surprised they haven’t given me the boot yet (some have).

I Don’t Stick to My Word

We all make promises, but few of us keep them. Count me in the few. This past summer, I did a guest post for Search Engine Journal explaining what to do when you run out of ideas for business blog posts. The post itself was pretty good, I must admit…but at the end, I made a promise. See for yourself:

Guess how many times I tweeted out post ideas? Ummmm… 3, maybe 4. Did people start following me after this post? Sure. I gained a few new tweeps (I hate when people say “tweeps”). But what did they get in return? A few good ideas mixed in with all of the above. Poor guys.

Is It Too Late for a New Year’s Resolution?

So now what? I realize I’m not the best follow or friend. Do I vow to make a change? I suppose I could. But let’s be honest here: leopards don’t change their spots. And truth be told, I’m probably not going to quit doing what I do in respect to social networking. At this point, it’s not important enough for me to try.

So why did I post this? For you to learn from my mistakes. You want to be an interesting follow? Want to use your social media accounts to pull in business? Do the exact opposite of what I’ve shown you in this post and you can!

Do you have any annoying Twitter or Facebook habits? Be honest—share them!

Oh, and also, if you want to put up with my crap, give me a follow on twitter: @chris_HELP