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Why Good Content Can Sometimes Fail: How to Make Sure You Don’t Fall Into the Trap

Jul 30, 2012   //   by AmandaDi   //   SEO Blog  //  32 Comments

It’s hard to believe that good content wouldn’t always help your website grow and mature. After all, writers, blog owners, and even Google are always talking about the importance of great content. Above all else, a website must have quality content to really thrive. It’s the first piece of the puzzle, with SEO and promotion to follow. So what happens when good content doesn’t work? Is there something wrong with this good content?

In the majority of cases, the answer is yes. Although something might be well written, it may not be ideal in terms of drawing in visitors. In other words, good content means more than just a well-written article—it means choosing a great topic, choosing the right tone, and marketing that content in a specific way.

How to Look Past the “Well Written” and Focus on Content Success

The first step when analyzing content to put on your site is always whether or not that content is well written. Check for grammar errors and coherence and organization to decide whether or not that article is something you want to put on your site. Once you’ve decided that the article is easy to read and free of any errors, you need to ask yourself three questions that are so often missed:

  • Is the article bias or leaving out varying opinions?

This can sometimes be hard to miss when you’re agreeing with the opinion of an article. Even if the article is throwing out facts, they always seem to lose credibility if the article isn’t showing both sides to the story. On that same note, those who disagree with the article will likely not feel the need to share the article; thus cutting your promotion in half. The best thing you can do to solve this problem is to consider why someone might disagree or why someone may like something done the opposite way, and then addressing the issue.

  • Does it sound like you’re trying to sell something?

There is certainly content on a website that is designed to sell something, but the bulk of a good website usually has articles that aim to educate or spark a discussion. If you write a great piece of content that does nothing but sell your product, you might lose readers after a paragraph or two. The same can be said for those who focus too much on keywords. Make sure that what you’re writing is relevant, and try to avoid lots of advertisements and flash pop-ups surrounding your content.

  • Is the article easy to find on your website?

Great content doesn’t mean much if you can’t find it. You want to make sure that a link to your blog is clearly visible on your homepage, and you want to make sure that you’re sending this content out to those who can help. Make sure that you have an option for people to subscribe to your content so that each week these subscribers will get the content right in his/her inbox.

The greatest thing about good content gone wrong is the fact that you can fix this content. You don’t need to start over or completely re-write an article just because it isn’t generating a lot of clicks. If the article is already well written, it will be easy to make these few adjustments.

Have you ever found that you’ve written great content that didn’t seem to get you anywhere? What did you find to be the problem and how did you fix it? Let us know in the comments below!

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Amanda DiSilvestro is a graduate of Illinois State University. Although she graduated with an English Education degree, she found herself working as a full-time blogger in the SEO/social media department at HigherVisibility SEO, a leading franchise SEO company.

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3 Cheap-Ass Tools to Create Kick-Ass Content

Oct 20, 2011   //   by Stephan Wiedner   //   blogging, SEO Blog  //  16 Comments

Struggling to come up with some brilliant and potentially viral content for your website or blog? Not sure how to go about generating and executing on ideas without bringing in the heavy hitters (i.e. expensive experts)? No problem.

Here are 5 amazing and cheap-ass ideas that you can use to create content that will set the Internet on fire – and if done right – give your domain a huge SEO boost. Best of all, they won’t break the bank.

Let me be clear. This is for cheap-ass entrepreneurs like me. Not for broke entrepreneurs with no money at all.

So if you’re willing to part with a few bucks on some affordable ideas, let’s get started.

1. Pizza, Beer, and the “Yes and…” Game

If you’ve exhausted your list of potential ideas, why not get some of your colleagues and friends involved. Blast off an email to 20 of your friends inviting them to a pizza and beer party with a fun twist. It’s called the “yes and…” game.

If you’ve ever seen improv comedy, you know how hilarious it can be. It also tends to take some of the most unpredictable turns. Why? Because of one rule:

No matter what twist the plot takes, you have to go with it.

It works like this. Let’s say your friend suggests an idea that is completely ridiculous, you can’t reply with a negative comment poopooing the idea. You have to reply “Yes, and….”

For example:

“Let’s close the office for a month.”

Yes, and let’s travel the world interviewing strangers and taking photos of everything weird or strange.”


“Let’s buy 1000 pizzas and send them to Google headquarters.”

Yes, and we’ll include 1000 brainteasers printed on the pizza boxes.”

For the mere cost of a couple cases of beer and 2 or 3 large pizzas, you should be to come up with 100 crazy ideas in less than a couple hours. If you can’t, buy another case of beer.


What kind of things would you do for $5? It turns out that a lot of people would do all sorts of weird things. If you haven’t already, check out

I’ve used to come up with catchy titles for eBooks, funny poems, and short video scripts. These little $5 investments may not be the source of life-altering goodness, but they will certainly start the juices flowing if you’re feeling a little stumped.

Here are some of the funny and weird things people will do:

  • I will make a video of my Bunny eating your message for $5
  • I will dance to an entire song of your choice in a hot dog costumer for $5
  • I will make you feel better about losing your job for $5
  • I will give you existentialist philosophic advice for $5
  • I will write you a funny poem on any topic for $5

How can you say no to some of these offers??? Give it a try. You’ll spend more money on a haircut.

3. Xtranormal Videos

Have you ever tried to create viral video content. It’s not easy and it can cost a lot of money. Good quality video production can cost thousands of dollars, especially if you outsource to a production company.

There’s a cheap-ass alternative to production companies: Their tag line says it all:

“If you can type, you can make videos!”

From your pizza and beer night (idea #1 above) or for $5 from a script writer on (idea #2 above), you can bang out a pretty funny 30 to 90 second script on any topic. Take that script, plug it into, and you’ve got yourself a funny video that you can spread to the world.

You’ve probably already seen some of these videos. You just didn’t know how easy they were to create.

Here’s a funny one about SEO.


What have I missed? Add your cheap-ass content generating ideas in the comments below.

Stephan Wiedner

Stephan Wiedner is the co-founder of, the Professional Coach Directory featuring hundreds of business coaches in dozens of cities. Learn more about Noomii on Twitter and Facebook.

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