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7 Great Ways to Market Your Mobile Website

Oct 23, 2013   //   by James Harding   //   internet marketing, SEO, SEO Blog  //  No Comments

The year 2013 has seen a real surge in mobile technology in areas like SEO trends. As a matter of fact, mobile technology is overtaking everyone’s expectations, and that is a pattern that is definitely going to continue. As consumers integrate phones and tablets ever more into their internet use, it becomes all the more important to cater to those needs.


A great example of this happened just last night. Sitting at a venue waiting for the beginning of a concert, there were screens advertising other shows happening in the coming months. Someone behind me expressed interest in a concert happening a couple of weeks from now. I could hear them behind me, using their smartphone to access a local ticket seller.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t get the site to work properly. “Why don’t they have an app?” he muttered, as he tried to get through the captcha that was creating a compatibility issue with his device. He would have had a much easier time had he known that another ticket retailer had a mo bile website and mobile app to make it easier to make purchases on the go. I had used it to for the very show I was waiting to begin.

If you are reading this, I have to assume you have a mobile site already. That is great, but it means nothing if people don’t know about its existence or have a positive experience using it. Marketing that mobile site is a crucial element to the whole process. Otherwise, like my fellow live music lover last night, your target audience won’t be bringing in the profits that they should be.


Don’t panic. Marketing a mobile site is similar in most ways to marketing any other. You are just targeting a slightly different user base. Here are seven great ways to market your mobile website.

  1. Use a Good Platform For The Site. Not all mobile services are created equal, and when you are using a bad platform for your mobile site you are asking for trouble. You want a service that is customizable, upgradable, easy to use and has all of the tools and features that you need. Luckily, there are a lot of good ones out there to choose from. One example is Mobi Manage, which actually breaks things down into specialty categories like auto, retail, associations, real estate and more. They also offer marketing packages, so you can control your campaign and aim it at a mobile audience from your dashboard. For something more basic and cheaper (though less feature heavy) you can try MobiSiteGalore.
  1. Use SMS. Have you seen those little notices on business sites offering people the chance to get special offers through text messages? This is a fantastic approach, and an affordable way to market directly to the mobile crowd. You can either put it somewhere on your site itself as a subscription service, or offer it as a selection when someone makes a purchase or creates an account. But you have to give people an incentive to accept this marketing form, such as special offers by text only.
  1. Make An App. Having a mobile website is a great idea. But many smartphone and tablet users would prefer to have an app where they can directly engage with you, your content, and your products. You may find this a better goal for your particular brand, as consumers love making in-app purchases, or being able to quickly navigate a site in such a simple way.
  1. Launch a Mobile Ad Campaign. Unlike traditional ad campaigns, these are made specifically for mobile users and screens. Often attached to ads or mobile site pages, it is a cost efficient way to improving your visibility on the mobile market. You can buy a cost-per-click program that is similar to others you might use for online advertising. But it is usually better to buy a bundled package of 1,000 clicks.
  1. Enhance Your Bidding. Mobile users don’t do that much searching. It makes up a tiny sliver of the amount of time they are going to spend on the web through their smartphones. You have to make the most out of every second, which means using enhanced bidding features to narrow down data. One of the best articles I have seen written on this topic was by Jeremy Hull on Clickz.
  1. Make Your Mobile Site User Friendly. It isn’t enough to have an adaptive or secondary mobile site that offers the same content. Users want something that is easy to navigate, offers them the features they need from a mobile perspective, and is less content heavy. Remember to only include the most crucial elements of a website on the mobile version. Offer plenty of easily accessible links to other related pages. Streamline the process of making purchases as much as possible.
  1. Use Your Mobile Site. One of the most important parts of marketing is making sure what you market is high quality. Use your mobile site yourself, and often. Be honest about how good it is, what features it has, what can be added and taken away. Use other mobile sites to see how they have handled certain parts of their design.

It is important to have a mobile website these days. Just make sure people know it is there, and that their experience using it is a positive one. If you manage those two things, you will be in good shape.

James Harding

James Harding considers himself a perennial student, who is always open to learning anything new he can about SEO. He has expertise in many aspects of SEO and has ghost-written a number of articles on its various aspects. He feels social media marketing and blogging are the future.

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Top 5 Marketing Conferences in 2013 You Won’t Want to Miss

Jan 4, 2013   //   by Sarah Brooks   //   internet marketing, SEO Blog  //  26 Comments

Top 5 Marketing Conferences in 2013 You Wont Want to Miss - SEM Group Pic 1Whether you run a business, work in marketing, or just want to gain knowledge about business and marketing in general, attending a marketing conference should be on your top list of things to do in 2013. Marketing conferences allow you to gain comprehensive knowledge about growing your business and staying current with trends related to marketing.

With the end of 2012 approaching, now is the appropriate time to see which conferences will best suit your needs so you can start booking those trips and preparing for the year to come. You owe it to yourself and your business to attend a marketing conference next year.

Here is a list of five top marketing conferences you won’t want to miss in 2013:

The Content Marketing Strategies Conference – Berkeley, CA – May 8-9, 2013

If you’re a small business owner, this is the conference for you. Hosted by, this event specifically helps small businesses gain understanding on the role content marketing has in demand generation, sales, and SEO. You’ll be guaranteed to leave the conference with an action plan to jumpstart your content marketing in 2013.

Guest speakers include the following companies: SAS, Cisco, Intel, ServiceMax, Kelly Services, and more. They will share their experience with content marketing – including strategies, successes, and failures. This event was sold out last year, so get your tickets early, as this will change the way you market in the future.

iStrategy 2013 – Miami, FL – April 23-24, 2013

No matter what your business specializes in, iStrategy is where it’s at. It’s a conference all about transforming your digital strategy to meet the needs of today’s online demands – SEO, SEM, social, mobile, community, and commerce. The future of digital marketing will be discussed by the country’s most prestige digital marketers, online experts, and social media gurus. Takeaways from iStrategy will include improved customer engagement, developed marketing campaigns with authenticity and significance, and a high-performing, integrated marketing system that will forever change your organization. The conference also includes networking opportunities, guest speakers, and workshops.

Hawaii International Conference on Business – Honolulu, HI – May 23-26, 2013

This is Hawaii’s 13th Annual International Conference on Business, and it keeps getting better and better. Held on the island of Oahu at Waikiki Beach Marriot Resort and Spa, this will be the gathering place for academicians and business professionals from all over the world. The main focus of this conference is to learn from each other.

Last year, over 200 participants attended representing more than 27 countries. You’ll meet and interact with those both inside and outside your own area of expertise, and gain insight as to what others are doing all across the world.

Pivot Conference: From Social Brands to Social Media – New York City, NY – October 15-16, 2013

Pivot Conference is much more than your average social media conference. It’s a conference where not only do the speakers influence the audience, but the audience influences the speakers. You’ll learn from and with each other. At Pivot 2013, you’ll learn how to influence choices and become a trusted resource, what constitutes a successful organization, meet the leaders of brand initiatives at the leading edge of Social Business, and interact with celebrities, geniuses, and billionaires.

Note: Pivot is an invitation-only conference for senior executives. If this describes you, request an invite on Pivot 2013’s website.

SMX West – San Jose, CA – March 11-13, 2013

This is an all-encompassing conference for everyone – whether you own a business, work for a Fortune 500 company, are an experienced internet marketer, or are just diving into the world of internet marketing. As an attendee, you choose which conferences and seminars you want to attend. There are more than 50 sessions on search engine optimization, paid search advertising, social media marketing, local and mobile search, and landing page conversions. Since you can’t attend more than one conference at a time, they’re all uploaded so you can review ones you attended and see ones you missed out on.

Purchase the All Access pass to get all of the conference sessions, keynotes, access to the tradeshow floor, in-person networking activities, online networking activities, parties, and more. If you still want more after the conference is over, attend an in-depth workshop on March 14th on search and internet marketing topics to learn even more. SMX West is so compelling you’ll leave wanting to implement the strategies before you’ve even arrived back home.

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks is a freelance writer covering a wide variety of topics from personal finance and marketing to traveling and the best Hawaii hotels you can stay in during the Hawaii International Conference on Business.

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Aug 10, 2012   //   by Abel   //   internet marketing, link building, SEO, SEO Blog, Social Media  //  16 Comments

Reddit has been continually rising in popularity since first emerging on the scene back in 2006. Today, it is one of the most popular social news sites of its kind, proving to be a great alternative for those who have grown tired of competitors such as Digg and StumbleUpon. Reddit often calls itself the front page of the internet to play on its growing reputation as a digital newspaper of sorts. And just like newspapers have categories and sections, this site has something similar known as subreddits, a feature that can come in handy for the savvy social marketer.

Screenshot from

A subreddit is essentially a category or subcategory that has a community of reddit users built around a specific topic or area of interest. These categories are finely targeted and can be set to either public or private by the creator. Examples of popular subreddits, as chosen by the user community include:

– Askreddit

– Gaming

– Pics

– World News


These examples represent broad general interests, of course, but the subcategories on reddit go much much deeper. For instance, you can find subreddits on specific topics such as World of Warcraft, Indie Gaming, and even presidential hopeful Ron Paul. While each area of interest has its own moderator, community members are able to contribute by submitting and rating content from around the web that is related to the topic at hand. For everyday users, subreddits provide an easy way to quickly access the content that matters most. For marketers, they provide a way to generate visibility and meet business objectives.

Benefitting From Your Own subreddits

Perhaps the best thing to like about subreddits is the fact that anyone can create them. There are numerous benefits to setting up your own, starting with the community aspect. If fellow redditors share your interest, it could easily lead to a situation where users are commenting, sharing, and engaging in other ways that keep the community alive with activity. The site has millions of active users, all interested in something. What this means is that unless your area is built around an obscure topic like “overhanded Bolivian bowling techniques”, there is a great chance that you will be able to attract others who share your passion.

subreddit for seo anchor text
Anchor text is “Lil Wayne quits music” under “Music” subreddit

The big payoff to having your own subreddits is increased traffic. All that activity combined with solid content means it is highly likely that people will want to pay a visit and learn more about what you have to offer. Make sure your newly created subcategory is listed on the subreddits page, pass the word along to your connections on the site, and the possibilities are endless.


Some observers have gone as far to say that subreddits are what have enabled reddit to surpass Digg in the social bookmarking arena. This is not as farfetched as it may sound considering it is one of the platform’s most important features. Whether it is streamlining content discovery or building a community around your own, social marketers can make great strides by putting this essential element to use.


Abel is a writer, online marketing expert, and advocate for email marketing software company, Benchmark Email.

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4 Vital Digital Marketing Trends (or Developments) for 2012

Jan 26, 2012   //   by Obaidul Haque   //   internet marketing, SEO Blog  //  9 Comments

Keeping an eye on what the future holds in its palm is key to growing your business and reaching out to new audiences. Trends will continue to change directions. And if you aren’t ready to embrace the upcoming developments, you can easily lose the race. As we proceed into 2012, it’s highly essential that you become cognizant of the top digital marketing trends.

Given below are four key trends that you’ll need to watch in 2012, so that you can make your digital marketing efforts fruitful and elevate your business to new heights.

#1. Location, Location, Location!
Location-based marketing (LBM) is one of the top trends in the digital marketing arena, as the year 2012 continues to unfold. Focusing on delivering content (instantly usable information) to the user should always remain a high priority, if you’re really serious about generating more leads as well as staying ahead of the competition. With the ever-increasing population of mobile device users, delivering content to consumers based on their location becomes even more important.

The biggest benefit of location-specific marketing is that you can immediately increase the rate of conversion for your business. To improve your location-based marketing, you can follow these tips.

Buy country-specific domain names ( for UK, for Australia etc)
Create a mobile-friendly version of your website
Use Facebook ads to target audience by demographics, interests etc
Master the usage of free tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc
Use services like foursquare and Gowalla to engage consumers
Don’t forget to claim your Google Places page (Google Places Optimization)

#2. Video Advertising Leads the Way
According to a recent report by emarketer, online video advertising spend in the US will cross the $3 billion mark in 2012. Online video marketing is an emerging trend due to two major reasons – better reach and better measurement. Since more than 1.3 billion videos are watched in the US per day, video advertising happens to be a rich medium to establish an emotional connection with consumers, engage them quickly and achieve a higher conversion.

#3. Gamification Drives Social Momentum
Yes, it’s not just the latest fad. Though adopting this marketing approach depends on the kind of business you run, gamification can present some of the most potential opportunities you wouldn’t want to miss. To get started with it, you should first of all get the concept pretty clear in your mind. Gamification is not entirely similar to games. In fact, the concept that underlies the term is the application of gaming principles to non-game experiences in an effort to drive social momentum among the audiences. Several brands have gamified their marketing strategies to engage customers (by offering incentives) and provoke them to take action. Start-ups can benefit from this concept the most.

#4. Privacy Concerns are Growing
User privacy is another burning issue that digital marketers should pay careful attention to. Today, consumers are more vigilant about the usage of their personal data by businesses. Whether you’re an advertising agency, a retailer, a trader or an OS creator, you can never keep consumers in the dark about how you’re going to handle their personal data. The more knowledge and control (over personal data) you provide, the more trust you can gain from users.

There are many more trends that you’ll need to watch out for, to bolster your digital marketing strategy further. What’s really important, however, is that you don’t get distracted while getting the basics right.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on other upcoming trends in digital marketing. The comment section is all yours.

Obaidul Haque

Obaidul works as an SEO manager handling client projects. He focuses heavily on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). Also a passionate blogger and freelance writer, he shares his insightful views regularly on HelloBloggerz . You can follow him on Google Plus or Twitter.

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5 Ways to get more guest posts on your blog

Oct 6, 2011   //   by Devesh   //   blogging, SEO Blog  //  14 Comments

These days everyone keeps looking for guest bloggers to write guest posts for their blogs. Getting guest posts isn’t a hard task in fact it can be the easiest thing if you’ve have a high traffic blog.

If you look at my blog, you’ll see I get bunch of guest posts every day and many bloggers keeps asking me what I’m doing to get guest posts? Today I’m sharing 5 effective strategies that I’ve used to get guest posts on my blog.

1. Add Guest post Page

This is far one of the easiest way to get guest posts on your blog. All you need to do is to create a “write for us” page on your blog. If you never created a guest post page than here’s what you need to add:

So, you want to write for Blog Name? We love to publish your guest post. Now don’t ask for benefits, because we Blog Name is one of the fastest growing blog on the planet. The benefits are just much more then getting traffic or backlinks, you can gain exposure and introduce your blog to our fastest growing community.

Some simple Requirements

  • Posts are at least 450+ words.
  • Interacting and replying to comments is must.
  • Posts have a basic structure and are at least broken down into paragraphs.
  • Posts must be in good English.
  • Please don’t add more than two links.
  • The post you submit to us is unique.

How to guest post to Blog Name?

  1. Register an account here
  2. Add your Full name, second name and fill out a short profile Bio info, feel free to add a link or two to your blog/site (use HTML)
  3. Visit, having an image is a must in your profile
  4. Write your post, save it and it will be reviewed and published asap!!

2. Invite Bloggers

You can contact bloggers with a good pitch and why you’d like to get the guest posts from them. This is very effective strategy and I’ve good success with it. You don’t have to contact high profile or A list bloggers, contact an average blogger.

You can use blogging communities to find bloggers, who may be interested in doing guest posting on your blog.

Blokube is one of those communities which can help you find great bloggers who can write guest posts for your blog.

3. Join Social Media Networks

This may not be very effective way but still a useful one. I did found few guest bloggers who wants to do guest posting for my blog through Social Media Networks like Facebook & Twitter. In order to get success from Facebook & Twitter, you need to be very active in those networks.

You can use free/paid tools to automate the process –, Triberr, Bufferapp,Tweetdeck, etc.

4. MyBlogGuest

I’m sure most of you already know about MyBlogGuest, most awesome marketplace for finding guest posts for your blog. It is a forum community where bloggers give info about their blogs and then ask for guest posts from other bloggers/users.

MyBlogGuest is a unique community that is based on one simple principle: if you provide quality, you don’t need to pay to be heard. It is not just about getting more guest posts, it has forum, marketplace, gallery, find blogs for guest posting and much more.  It even has a Premium Feature & Ann did great work in branding it.

5. Run a Guest blogging contest

Last but not least – Run a guest blogging contest, like I’m doing on Blokube Blog. Give away cash/ebooks/tools as prizes to the contest winners who do most number of guest posts on your blog. This can be a very effective strategy but to be very successful with guest blogging contest, you need to market it properly. Here’s what you can do to make sure your contest is a success:

  • Contact bloggers/marketers and ask them to write a post about the contest
  • Get a banner designed and ask the participants to put it on their blogs.
  • Promote the contest on Forums like DigitalPoint, Warrior Forums & Webmaster Forums.
  • Use Buysellads to do some paid promotion.

Over To You

All the above factors contributed effectively my blog in getting quality guest posts and will work for any type of content in any niche, in case you find something to disagree with in this post or have an opinion on this topic, please do share it with us below. If you find this post useful than please share it on Twitter or Facebook!


Devesh is a content marketer and founder of WordPress Kube, a WordPress Marketing Blog which focuses on WordPress Themes, Plugins, News, Tutorials and Modifications. Follow him on Twitter @devesh.

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Email marketing that works

Sep 8, 2010   //   by Denise Gabbard   //   Contests, internet marketing, SEO Blog  //  4 Comments

This is a guest post from Denise Gabbard. It is part of The “Bad Ass” SEO Guest Blogging Contest.

Most people think that spam, Facebook, blogs, and other social media like Twitter killed email marketing as a means to communicate online.  However, most people are wrong. Businesses today engage in email marketing because it gives them a return on investment hovering over $40 per $1 spent, and outperforms all direct marketing channels. In a Forbes Media survey in the February/March 2009 issues, it was reported that business owners and executives say email marketing is second overall to SEO when it comes to converting lookers into buyers. Impressive, and tells you why businesses use it—it just works!

An email campaign is an ongoing marketing venture whereby you send out regular communications to customers and potential customers. The traditional email marketing approach was to build a huge list and push lots of messages out to the masses. This doesn’t work anymore, as it brands your company spammers, and can get you booted from your domain, and facing government sanctions.

The new way of doing things is targeting those who want to hear from you. Put together your list by asking your customers if they’d like to receive ‘newsletters’ from you on a periodic basis. You can ask them in person, over the phone, or on your website by embedding a “Sign Up” button for convenience. When you invoice a customer for a project or product sale, always include a CTA (call to action) for them to sign up for your newsletter, and even put a sign up link in your email signature. You can convert that happy customer into a lifetime customer if you keep in touch regularly. The point is making the effort to create a targeted, personalized list for your company will pay big dividends.

There are a number of online business tools that are useful for your email campaigns. Sites like Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, and Campaigner can help you set up your campaigns quickly and easily, and most offer a free trial so you can compare functionality.

When designing your email templates, readability should be your priority. Keep your paragraphs concise, with just a few sentences for each, and write compelling contact to encourage them to finish reading.  Another great idea is to keep your design less than 620 pixels, so that it can be viewed in email preview windows. (Also, large images take too long to load and can be abandoned easily.)   An important step is validating your code before mass mailing it. Email types interpret code differently, and you want to be certain there will be no glitches on their end and they can open and read your message.

Clearly, increased sales, brand loyalty, and reputation are the goals of email marketing campaigns. Your aim is to have a high percentage of recipients open your email and click-through any links that you placed in the email. Average rates of opening marketing emails have been shown to float around the 20-30% range, so do not expect everyone to open your mail. However, do continue tweaking your messages to appeal to more people and get a higher open rate.  For instance, a great graphic and web design company can create and execute a stunning email campaign that will make people take notice.

Denise Gabbard

Denise is an SEO and Social Media Consultant, Professional Writer and Blogger at Write and Get Paid!, Examiner, and Experts123. You can also follow me on Facebook or Twitter

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6 Kick-ass Ways To Market Your Blog

Aug 17, 2010   //   by Devesh   //   blogging, Contests, internet marketing, SEO Blog, Social Media  //  29 Comments

This is a guest post from Devesh. It is part of The “Bad Ass” SEO Guest Blogging Contest.

If you are trying to market your new blog, chances are you’ve already looked into search engine optimization then here are 6 Kick-ass ways to market your blog:

1. Building Mailing list

My single biggest mistake was not to build a list from beginning. I did not realize the power of list building until later on.
Building a list is an extremely popular aspect of the internet marketing industry. Everyone says repeatedly all the time, “the money is in the list!” And it is totally true.

Here are 5 reasons why you should build your list

  • Connect – Emails give you an opportunity to make your fans feel more closely connected with you.
  • Referrals – Put you in a position to receive regular referrals.
  • Easier – Make your sales process easier and more productive.
  • Sart conversations with people you are targeting.
  • This gives you a chance to build a good relationship with them and to show them that you will only provide them with quality products that can really help them

2. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting, one of the easiest and most effective way to market a new site/blog and get targeted traffic and backlinks. If people can see you being so active and commenting everywhere they end up, they will be more inclined to comment on yours, because you become memorable.  Take the time to leave a useful comment often enough, don’t just write “great post” or “thanks”. Don’t SPAM or self-promote when leaving blog comments. Another added benefit to blog commenting is that if you leave useful comments regularly, the blog owner will eventually notice. This greatly increases your chances of establishing a great new business relationship that could result in more links, traffic, and more subscribers to your list.

3. Guest posting

This is one of the best ways of getting website traffic to your squeeze page and/or blog. Make sure it is very high quality, and is something that provides genuine value and your chances of your request being accepted will increase.

Here are 5 Reasons why you should do Guest Posting.

  • Drive targeted traffic.
  • Build contact with other bloggers.
  • Increase your brand awareness? (How to Build a Great Brand for Your Blog).
  • Build high quality Backlinks to your blog.
  • Get new subscribers.



Devesh is a content marketer and founder of WordPress Kube, a WordPress Marketing Blog which focuses on WordPress Themes, Plugins, News, Tutorials and Modifications. Follow him on Twitter @devesh.

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2 Bottles of Wine +Some Books + Greeting Cards=Outside the Box Marketing

Feb 13, 2010   //   by Gerald Weber   //   SEO Blog, Social Media  //  20 Comments

Sending gifts and promotional products has always been a powerful marketing tool. It can be used to improve client retention and to reach out to prospects. The Guinness Book of World Records Most Successful Salesman in the World used to send out greeting cards to every customer and prospect on a monthly basis. He was sending out more than 16,000 cards each month, and it worked. Customers knew him by name, and they came to him for all their car-buying needs.

Outside the Box
photo credit: Adam Swank

But now, with the power of social media, gift giving as a marketing tool can make an even bigger splash than before.

I want to share a couple of stories with you of my experiences with receiving promotional products from some of my friends on Twitter.

  • 2 Bottles of Wine from St. Supery Winery—I’ve been following @RickBakas, Director of Social Media for St. Supery Winery, for quite a while now. We had a little interaction with each other, but it wasn’t on a regular basis. Then, one day Rick reached out to me for help pushing some content on Twitter. I obliged, and next thing I know, I’m receiving 2 bottles of wine in the mail. By the way, the wine truly was amazing. Thanks again Rick!

So, why did Rick send me the wine? Well, I think there are a couple of savvy marketing reasons he did so.

  1. To cement our relationship. See, you can only build a relationship through Twitter so much by @replying and DMing. Rick decided to think outside the box by sending me 2 bottles of his companies wine, knowing I’d be forever grateful and pay much closer attention to him.
  2. To spread the word. After getting the wine from Rick, I of course thanked him through Twitter, and now even felt compelled to write an entire blog post about his company’s effective social media marketing tactics.

  • Books from my followers—Rick isn’t my only Twitter follower who has reached out by sending me a promotional product. On a few occasions, my social media pals have sent me books they’ve authored or co-authored. The 2 most recent examples that come to mind are @ConvertBond and @AlisaBowman.

    The book I received from @convertbond (Lawrence McDonald) was called A Colossal FAILURE of common sense(a New York Times best seller), and it took a look at the fall of Lehman brothers. Lawrence was a former VP at Lehman Brothers, so he had an interesting story to tell.

    Alisa Bowman, who gives marriage advice at her blog, and has also collaborated on five New York Times best sellers, sent me a book she co-authored called The Skinny: On Losing Weight Without Being Hungry.

What’s my point? The point is that you need to do something different to stand out from the crowd. Sending a promotional product or a simple greeting card can put you on a first-name basis with influential social media users and your customers. It can also create a buzz, getting your name out there and driving sales.

Do you have a “outside of the box” marketing story? We would love to hear about it in the comments.

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Gerald Weber

I founded Search Engine Marketing Group in December 2005. More recently I co-founded which is the free platform that helps bloggers generate REAL "social buzz" on their best content. Feel free to follow me on Google+

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